FedEx-donated shipping delivers much-needed aid to Central America

Outreach Aid to the Americas (OAA) effectively mobilizes resources and partners for relief and preparedness, advocacy, and sustainable development, responding to the needs of the most vulnerable people and communities in Latin America. They mitigate the impact of disasters by helping airports, first responders, and communities respond effectively and restore critical operations as quickly as possible, and help communities be more resilient.

For over a decade, FedEx has supported and sponsored OAA’s Community Port Resiliency Program (C-PReP), which provides capacity building opportunities to airport personnel, key stakeholders, and community-based organizations that would have a resiliency role while facing disasters. A few years ago, FedEx expanded its support of OAA’s relief efforts through a charitable shipping grant, in which FedEx covers charitable shipping expenses.

Honduras has one of the highest poverty rates in the Americas. Many Honduran parents struggle to even buy backpacks and school supplies for their children while preparing them for the new school year. Using their FedEx charitable shipping grant, OAA was able to send more than 60 backpacks filled with supplies to children in La Ceiba, Honduras. The backpacks were received and distributed to families in need.

Honduras’ neighbor, El Salvador, has also benefited from OAA’s recent efforts. Thanks to the FedEx charitable shipping grant, OAA provided much-needed kitchen and eating supplies to Apopa, a very poor rural town in El Salvador. Partnering with a pastor in El Salvador, OAA has served meals to more than a hundred children every week.

FedEx delivered these shipments as a part of the company’s FedEx Cares “Delivering for Good” initiative, in which FedEx lends its global network and unparalleled logistics expertise to organizations with mission-critical needs and helps communities before, during, and after crises. Learn more about FedEx Cares Delivering for Good initiative here.

***Photo credit Outreach Aid to the Americas